Word of Mouth Starts with You

Dale Stapler . 01.23.20

For a CPA, this kind of call is one of the best:

A stranger on the phone begins the conversation by saying that Jack Smith, his buddy at the golf club, suggested he get in touch. Jack told him about all the taxes you have saved him over the years. He wants what you did for Jack.

No prospecting, no cold calling, no dog and pony show. As warm a lead and as easy a sale as you’ll ever see.

It’s great news. But it’s not luck. It started years ago when Jack first became a client…

There Are Many More Jacks Out There

Receiving high quality, prequalified referrals happens as a result of the things you do, year in and year out, for and with your existing clients:

  • Identifying potential tax savings, including tax credits, based on a deep understanding of Jack’s business.
  • Reviewing Jack’s corporate and individual tax returns and providing suggestions for ways to save him additional money.
  • Meeting with Jack quarterly to discuss past results and future plans.
  • Showing Jack on a regular basis how much money in taxes you’ve saved him, year after year.

Needless to say, business would be great if your entire book of business was filled with clients like Jack – clients who see you as a trusted advisor and include you in all money-related aspects of their business and personal life.

It can happen. Take good care of the Jacks and watch as they send friends, family and colleagues your way!

Georgia Update to Job and Investment Tax Credits

Time-critical 2020 Job Tax Credit ranking details have been released by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. Click here for details.

Important things to note…

  • The ranking changes apply to Georgia Job Tax Credits and Investment Tax Credits.
  • Changes may adversely impact your clients’ Job Tax Credits, based on their County Tier, overall ranking (Bottom 40), Less Developed Census Tract, or Military Zone.
  • There is no impact on Georgia Opportunity Zone tax credits. However, zones may be added, expanded or removed during the year. Click here for details.
  • A Notice of Intent may need to be filed to maintain a client’s Tier, Zone, or Less Developed Census Tract designation. The form must be filed no later than March 31, 2020. Click here for details.
  • As part of your tax incentive planning with your clients, remember to review their plans for 2020. Job Tax Credits may be available if they plan to increase employment levels, buy another company, open new locations, or change locations in Georgia. It all depends on their location, location, location!