It’s Prospecting Time

Dale Stapler . 05.15.19

What did your clients really tell you during tax season?

As we all continue to catch up from a very busy tax season, now is a perfect time to uncover the “golden nuggets” represented by hidden tax incentives.

First, review your discussions, phone calls, and emails with clients. In the frantic pace to complete their tax returns, some of their comments may provide openings for additional discussions regarding potential tax credits:

Client: “It’s Hard to find new employees.”

Ask: Why are you hiring? (Potential Job Tax Credit or Work Opportunity Tax Credit)

Client: “Bankers are wanting more data for loans.”

Ask: What are you going to use the loan for? (Potential Cost Segregation Study, Investment Tax Credit or Job Tax Credit)

Client: “Computers and Internet security are a pain in the neck.”

Ask: What areas of your IT have changed? (Potential Retraining Tax Credit)

Client: “The price of real estate has really gone up.”

Ask: Where are you looking? (Potential Cost Segregation Study or other location based tax incentive).

The point is, all of these are signals for potential tax incentives. Mark these items for client follow-up before you move on to your next review.

Remember, your clients depend on you to look out for every dollar of taxes they don’t have to pay. Help them mine their own gold!