How Many of Your Clients Would Hire You Again Today?

Jim Tinsley . 06.15.19

Think back – each of your clients originally hired you to do something specific. Maybe it was filing tax returns. Maybe it was a review and audit of financial statements.

Whatever the initial focus, your relationships have grown over the years and, with that, the services you provide have expanded.

So now you need to know – did a gap form between what each of your clients needs and what you are providing?

Here is how to find out. For each client…

  1. Revisit why you were originally hired. Given the changes in their business and your current offerings, is there still a good match?
  2. Think about what else you could provide. Can you bring something new to the equation? Something they desire but don’t know you provide, or that they need but are unaware of?
  3. Engage in the specifics. Your clients depend on you to uncover every dollar of taxes they DON’T have to pay. Complete a simple tax incentive plan and review it with them (click here to get started.)

It’s a new day! Make sure each of your clients, if given the chance, would hire you again!