How Do I Connect with Potential Providers and Take Advantage of Tax Credits?

Jim Tinsley . 04.16.19

Think of TaxCredible as a secure, interactive platform. A platform that allows you to  connect with trusted tax incentive providers who specialize in a broad range of tax incentives.

To start, log into your TaxCredible account and fill in a tax incentive plan.

From there, and based on your client’s specific needs and circumstances, we will introduce you to an appropriate provider (depending on the specifics, we may introduce you to several).

The provider(s) will follow up with you and your client to discuss the potential tax incentives. If all three of you agree to move forward, your client will sign the provider’s agreement and start their tax incentive project.

Simple, easy, efficient.

That’s TaxCredible.


Screenshot: TaxCredible Tax Incentive Planning Page