Help Your Clients Discover Potential Tax Credits

Dale Stapler . 04.09.19

Every year at tax time, CPAs begin by asking their clients two essential questions: “What did you do last year and what are your plans for next year?”

The list of potential answers is nearly endless, whether that involves creating new full time jobs, purchasing property, upgrading systems, and more.

In most cases, this process requires some additional prodding and questioning. As a CPA, you are applying your perspective and experience to uncover opportunities that your clients may not be aware of.

That’s where our tax incentive planning tool can help.

Log into TaxCredible, click “tax incentive plans,” answer a few questions, and we will connect you and your clients with trusted tax incentive providers who can help.

This positions you as a business advisor: asking in-depth questions; guiding future decisions; and saving your clients money based on how they run their respective businesses, today and in the future.

That’s TaxCredible.

Screenshot: TaxCredible Tax Incentive Planning Page