Georgia Tax Credits = Immediate Relief for Your Clients

Jim Tinsley . 04.13.20

We know you’re doing everything you can to help your clients navigate these difficult and uncertain economic times. Stimulus programs such as the CARES Act will provide help…eventually.

With the extended 2019 income tax filing deadline, now is the perfect time to help your clients get immediate relief with a Georgia tax credit.

For instance, as your clients scramble to work virtually, did you know that video conferencing software like Zoom qualifies for a Georgia Retraining Tax Credit?

An “Easy Button” for You

The TaxCredible platform means you have an “easy button” to help your clients utilize Georgia tax credits to immediately infuse much needed capital back into their businesses. Credits can be captured quickly so that your clients can put money to work now.

Best of all, as your trusted partner, we identify and capture credits for your clients in time for them to take advantage of the extended 2019 tax season without creating more work for you.

A small amount of your time can translate into much-needed relief for your clients!