Georgia Retraining Tax Credits Help Your Clients (and Help Keep Georgia Competitive)

Jim Tinsley . 04.14.20

While your clients wait for relief from federal stimulus programs, the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit is a proven way for them to inject meaningful cash into their businesses now.

The extended state tax deadline means more time to help your clients…and that’s never been more important. Make sure your clients are not leaving money on the table!

What Qualifies?

If your clients have purchased or upgraded software, equipment or any technology, they may already qualify for a tax credit that immediately reduces their state income tax burden.

Based on tax credits we have already processed this year, over 90% of tax credits have been awarded to companies that upgraded existing software or bought new software , including to help them manage:

  • Customer conversations (e.g., CRM)
  • Business processes (e.g., ERP)
  • Patient health information (e.g., EHR or EMR)
  • Marketing activities
  • Inventory, documents or storage
  • Project details and workflows
  • Billing or payments

Who Qualifies?

Everyone. There are no industry or company size specific regulations. Because these tax credits are captured for technologies that are universal to most businesses, most businesses qualify.

Based upon the approved tax credits we’ve already captured for businesses, the most valuable credits are often in the following industries:

  • Fast-food franchises such as McDonald’s
  • Doctor’s offices, dentist/orthodontic practices, medical clinics
  • Car dealerships
  • Construction, General Contractors, Architects and Engineers
  • Consultants, Lawyers, Technology Developers
  • Advertising, Marketing and other professional service firms

The Coronavirus Has Created Tax Credit Opportunities

For tax year 2019, we’ve helped CPAs secure tax credits for multiple clients who adopted remote-work tools such as, for example, Zoom, Slack and Docusign.

If your clients have transitioned to running their business remotely, they may already qualify for a tax credit.

An “Easy Button” to Help Your Clients

Our team of trusted tax credit experts are here to make it easy for you to help your clients lower their taxes with a Georgia Retraining Tax Credit.