Do Your Clients Confide In You?

Jim Tinsley . 08.15.19

Have you noticed the following disconnect?

On the one hand, you’ve spent years with many of your clients – developing trust, growing the relationship, and positioning yourself as someone they can depend on.

But … how often do your clients call to run an idea by you? How often do they share their future plans? How often do they confide in you regarding their business challenges?

It’s frustrating! How can you get them to stop treating you as the “annual tax return filer” and, instead, view you as an indispensable business advisor?

Consider these two steps:

  1. Know what matters most to them. Have a conversation in which you learn about their top two or three business goals. Check in regularly and keep that list current. Also, while engaged in these conversations, always express empathy. Let them know you understand and appreciate the challenges they face!
  2. Support them regularly. As you continually demonstrate your knowledge and authority in all things related to tax, strategy, business structure and business operations, you make it easy for them to listen and confide in you. You can do this by sharing your resources with them every chance you get, whether in-house or from outside of your firm.

Here’s a practical way to get started: If your client feels they are paying too much in taxes, get together with them and complete a Tax Incentive Organizer to find out if they are missing out on any tax incentives. The Organizer questions will tie directly back to your client’s top business goals. Use this link to our online form here.