The TaxCredible Story

After working for more than a decade providing tax credit services through hundreds of CPAs to thousands of clients, we asked ourselves a simple question: Why is it still so hard to discover tax incentive opportunities for clients?

And get connected to the right service provider. And keep everything organized in a way that clients can use the information easily.

And why must we all waste so much time researching, finding, contacting, and comparing tax incentive providers when a client needs one?

So we decided to make it easier. Much easier.

Enter TaxCredible, a new connection platform for business tax incentives.

Headquartered in Atlanta and backed by the best brains and efforts of CPAs and tax incentive service providers in the country, TaxCredible is a business tax incentives marketplace that connects companies that qualify with skilled professionals who can help.

But it’s more than just technology. We’re building opportunities for small and medium enterprises to compete with anyone. And making tools and connections that give every business, CPA, and service provider a great new way to succeed.

From job creation and capital investment to training and energy, TaxCredible helps thousands of companies find the right service providers for their projects in every state, plus federal incentives as well.

That’s TaxCredible.